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Speakout Elementary Student's Book Pdf 96




“Why do my students act so angry,” I was asked recently by a colleague. “They go into a funk, they act out, they get into trouble.” “Why do they act this way?” we wondered, “I can’t figure out why they act that way. I can’t get them to do anything!” We had never figured out why kids were acting out, and the most common problem we faced was a student who didn’t want to take any lessons. We did not understand the students’ behavior. Why do students act this way? How do they keep acting this way? And what can we do to help our students act differently? Most teachers think of students’ behavior as a natural consequence of learning in the classroom, and if students don’t want to learn, then, they will act that way. But student behavior is much more than a natural reaction to classroom instruction. Students’ angry reactions to work and play are driven by their emotional lives. They often want to find a way to get their feelings back, their hurts, their anger, their frustration, their sadness, and their fears, and they do this by acting out. That is, by acting in ways that hurt or anger others. They act out in order to connect with, or to avoid, the frightening emotions that are the roots of their emotional life. Students act this way because, in many cases, their own thinking and behavior are driven by their emotions. When the students are feeling a particular emotion, they want to act that way. Anger, or sadness, or sadness, is a natural consequence of life’s disappointments and losses, and it is not something we can always control. It is a natural consequence of the way we are. So when we feel that emotion, it is an automatic response. In fact, it is the emotion that causes the behavior that follows. How to control the intensity and the duration of our emotions? It depends on our understanding of the way emotions work, but also on our understanding of how to use our emotions for our own purposes. Feelings can be controlled, but in order to control them, we have to understand how they work. The most important rule of behavior is to know your own emotions. We cannot control students’ feelings, but we can work with them to understand them. Our feelings are not fixed. Our feelings are a combination of what happens



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Speakout Elementary Student's Book Pdf 96

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