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The Emotional Rollercoaster of Microblading

While my clients fall IN LOVE with the ultimate result of their microblading procedure, there are certainly many ups and downs along their journey and healing process. Between scabbing and patchy brows, there is so much happening during the first 12 days of healing. Let’s go over the basics before you scare yourself out of this treatment!

Scabbing IS normal! Any healing process from small incisions into the skin, such as microblading, will inevitably result in some sort of scabbing. As a reminder, these cuts are only made in the epidermal area of the skins, meaning that they will not permanently last on the skin or scar the skin.

Heavy scabbing IS NOT normal! I pay close attention to my clients and the chances of catching an infection are nearly impossible. However, if you are coming in for corrections or because your previous artist left heavy scabbing, I am happy to consult you.

The scabbing from microblading should be gone after about 12 days, but this is only if you were properly following aftercare instructions. As a reminder, DO NOT PICK AT YOUR SCABS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. This is one of the most important parts of maintaining your treatment!

The patchy eyebrows that all client experience during their first two weeks post treatment is probably the biggest part of the emotional rollercoaster. One day you may be in love with your eyebrows, the next you’re embarrassed to leave the house. THIS IS NORMAL! Your eyebrows WILL level out and end up looking as perfect as you wanted. Please wait out these two weeks before making judgement on the procedure as my clients always fall in love with their end results!

By the end of the rollercoaster, you will be thrived to ride that ride again when the time comes.


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Please let us know about your microblading healing process in our testimonials!

If you want a firsthand experience, check out Kelsey’s blog post about her microblading journey:

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