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Can Men Microblade Their Brows?

HELL YEAH! Men have every right to want beautiful, full looking eyebrows – permanent makeup is unisex and for anyone that wants to maintain or enhance their image.

There is a bit of difference in technique, however, as men tend to have thicker hair and differently shaped eyebrows. They also face more issues with their hair thinning out towards the tail of the eyebrow, meaning there will be more attention needed to those areas. I would use thicker strokes for men than I would for women, but it is ALWAYS up to the client to decide what unique shape they want for their face.

I’ve found my male clients are less vocal about what they want or how they feel about the process. I ask that any client of mine always vocalize how they feel, what they’re thinking, and to address any concerns they have. I’m an extremely understanding permanent makeup artist and ultimately want to see you happy in your own skin! The process is all about YOU and enhancing your true beauty.

Check out some of my male clients results below!

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